Mr. Smith was promoted to the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt on May 17th, by SM Paul Mills, at the
AKKI Kenpo Camp.

Bridgeville Kenpo Karate will offer the most up to date, innovative and most realistic self defense
instruction in the area for both kids, teens and adults.  We offer FREE Introductory Lessons, a
FREE Uniform with sign up.  and NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS.   

Bridgeville Kenpo Karate Instructors are some of the best trained and most qualified America
Kenpo Karate Instructors on the East Coast.    Mr. Bruce C. Smith (Associate Master of the Arts),
8th Degree Black Belt,
43 years experience in American Kenpo,  as well  holding black belts in
other systems is the head instructor.    

Mr. Smith also hosts the T
riple Threat martial Arts Games at Sam Yoder's Community Bldg in
Houston Delaware, twice each year. For info go to:

and the WOMAA World Martial Games each year in a different country.   (