Mr. Smith and Mr. Carver with Mr Mills at
his home,  it's winter time in Evanston,
Mr. Smith with Mr. and Mrs Mills on top of the
miniature Grand Teton Mtns that Mr Mills built
in his back yard. It is incredible.  
Mr. Mills miniature Grand Teton
Mtns, in his back yard.  Truly
an awesome site.
Halloween Contest at Bridgeville
Kenpo Karate
Congratulations to all students who tested ,
you did a great job.
Back row:  Brian, Wade, V.J., Ashley, John-John,  Mr. Smith

Front Row:  Dory, Will, Milo, Aaron, Tayvion, Will and Caleb

Way to go everyone, keep up the great work you make me
Congratulations to the new Jr.
Yellow Belts.  Ashton & Teighan
Fenton, Miles Rembert and Josiah
Clouser. They did a great job.
Four Seasons Tournament pictures  May 2013
from left to right:   Tim Morgan, SM Paul Mills,
Bruce Smith, Walter Miller, after Mr. Smith
received his 8th degree from Mr. Mills